Time Management

6 New Productivity Principles to Live By

A while ago I laid out a small set of productivity principles that work exceptionally well. From that time on, I discovered 6 new principles that are as awesome as those. Check them out!

Beat Parkinson’s Law and Supercharge Your Productivity

Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion. Even if you are not familiar with its name, I’m sure you’ve fallen prey to Parkinson’s Law countless times… what can we do to escape it?

6 Productivity Principles to Live By (My Personal Productivity Manifesto)

This is my own “personal productivity manifesto”: it summarizes what works for me about personal productivity. Since these principles work so well for me, I figured they might work for you, too. Here they are…

Lifehacks vs. Lifestyle Design (And the Winner Is…)

Lifestyle design and lifehacks are both important… but which one should come first? After all, lifestyle design is about setting priorities, but lifehacks can help you get in control and gain more clarity. What to do?

Do It Tomorrow: An Interview with Mark Forster

Today I have a special treat for Litemind readers. I am honored to interview Mark Forster, one of the foremost thinkers in the field of time management. He is the author of three books on time management, including the innovative (and intriguing) Do It Tomorrow and Other Secrets of Time Management.

Time Budget: An Easy Way to Avoid Prioritization Dilemmas and Keep Your Life Balanced

The time budget is a practical method you can use every day to keep your life always in balance. As a bonus, the time budget also helps you effectively deal with many productivity killers such as lack of focus, procrastination and perfectionism — all in one fell swoop.

Overwhelmed by Your To-Do List? Go With a ‘Will-Do’ List Instead.

If you have been using to-do lists for a while, you know how stressful and overwhelming they can become: instead of shrinking, these lists usually only get longer and longer, no matter how fast you knock your tasks down. What to do?

15 Time Boxing Strategies to Get Things Done

Putting it simply, time boxing is the most effective time management tool that I know of. Even if you already know and use it to some extent, there is a good chance that you can make it even better with some of the tips that follow.