How to Break Out of Recurring Patterns in Your Life in 5 Easy Steps

Do you find yourself caught in certain loops in life? Situations that keep happening which you can’t help but wonder “Not again!” or “Why me”? In this article, I’ll share a technique you can use to break out of these patterns.

Topics du Jour: Give Your Life Direction in Less than 10 Minutes a Day

Topics du Jour is a powerful journaling technique you can use to review, plan and put your life in perspective within no more than 5 or 10 minutes of your day. Here’s how it works:

Journal to the Self: 13 Tools to Make Journaling Work for You

In this post, I present 13 specific journaling tools you can start using immediately, along with a mind map of the great book Journal to the Self.

Send a Time Capsule to Your Future Self

The time capsule is a great journaling technique you can use to raise awareness about the direction your life is taking, as well as capture your current wisdom and memories.

Tackle Any Issue With a List of 100

The List of 100 is a powerful technique you can use to generate ideas, clarify your thoughts, uncover hidden problems or get solutions to any specific questions you’re interested in.