Personal Development Ebook Winners

Wow, more than 700 entries in our giveaway — thanks to all participants! Now it’s time to meet the lucky 12 who will receive their free ebooks… Here they are:

Personal Development Ebook Giveaway!

This weekend marked 3 years since the first post on Litemind! To celebrate the date, I have a special treat for you.

How Can I Make Litemind More Useful for You?

Will you help me make this website better? Today, instead of providing new content, I’d like to ask you to speak your mind and take this quick survey.

Free Ebook: The Very Best of Litemind, 2 Years of Mind Explorations

Today marks Litemind’s second anniversary! As a way to celebrate the date, I put together a free ebook with the very best content from this website — presented with a nice layout, beautiful typography and in a convenient format suitable for onscreen reading and printing.

One Year of Litemind

Today marks Litemind’s first anniversary. When I started the site, I really didn’t know what to expect, but looking back from today, I am very glad I decided to take that first imperfect step…

Announcing the Lists Group Writing Project

Inspired by the positive feedback I got for the article ‘Tackle Any Issue With a List of 100‘, I decided to kick off a Group Writing Project. Read on to check how you can participate, have some fun and be in the run to win a cash prize and some amazing creativity boosters.

Imperfect Start

Honestly, I don’t know what pathways this blog will end up exploring. Currently, it is only an outlet for ideas about personal development, mind mapping and many other loosely-related topics.