Litemind Personal Excellence Project Winners

Litemind Personal Excellence Project Winners

I truly enjoyed the 66 personal excellence tips from our project. Now it’s time to hand out the prizes for the best tips, as well as for some random ones. Here they are…

First Prize

The grand prize goes to Lyman Reed, who had the entry with the most votes (18 mentions). Here’s Lyman’s piece of personal excellence for us:

Show up. People say they want to achieve things, but then don’t show up for the things that would help them get there. They want to be writers, but don’t show up at the word processor. They want to own a business, but they don’t show up for the educational seminar. They want to be actors, but then don’t show up for the audition. [details]

Lyman takes home:

Congratulations, Lyman! Thanks for showing up!

Second Prize

Chris Elliot was a close second (17 votes). He shares with us the following tip:

Take 100% responsibility for everything that happens to you. Even if it seems like an accident, you are 100% responsible for everything that happens to you. I got in a car accident that wasn’t my fault according to the law. How do I take responsibility for that? I had forgotten something at home and went to get it on my way to a meeting. If I had a better system for remembering items, then I wouldn’t have been in the accident. If you are not getting what you want, it is because you are not taking responsibility to educate yourself or working hard to achieve it. Will you be 100% responsible or will you take the easy way out and settle for less then you are worth?

Chris also goes away with some mind mapping and cash goodness:

Congratulations, Chris! You know you’re 100% responsible for the prize!

Random Draw Winners

3 participants selected at random also get US$ 30 just for participating (which, in a nice way, illustrates Lyman’s point about showing up). Here they are:

  • Eric Palmer, with tip 55, ‘Use your whole brain.’
  • Rosa Say, with tip 43, ‘Align effort with personal values.’
  • Tori Deaux, with tip 19, ‘Make personal excellence… personal.’

The results were determined by entering’s closing stock price for December 9 (51.25) in random sequence generator.

Full Results

If you’re curious about how all entries went (how many votes they got, who voted on each entry, etc.), you can download the entire list here.

Litemind Personal Excellence Project Results
Litemind Personal Excellence Project Results [.xls, 100 kb]

Thank You All!

A little competition can be fun, but the main point of the Personal Excellence Project was to provide an outlet for sharing what really works for you.

I personally don’t believe there’s such a thing as an absolute “best” tip — the fact is that there’s a lot to be learned from all the 66 tips! In that spirit, I appreciate every participants’ willingness to share a bit of wisdom with us — thank you!

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