Are you stuck in a rut? Run from the experts!

When you’re stuck, it’s tempting to go seek help from the experts. After all, someone much more knowledgeable should be the best source of ideas, right? Well, maybe not.

Beat Parkinson’s Law and Supercharge Your Productivity

Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion. Even if you are not familiar with its name, I’m sure you’ve fallen prey to Parkinson’s Law countless times… what can we do to escape it?

6 Productivity Principles to Live By (My Personal Productivity Manifesto)

This is my own “personal productivity manifesto”: it summarizes what works for me about personal productivity. Since these principles work so well for me, I figured they might work for you, too. Here they are…

How Can I Make Litemind More Useful for You?

Will you help me make this website better? Today, instead of providing new content, I’d like to ask you to speak your mind and take this quick survey.

Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die

Do you ever have the impression that no one takes your ideas seriously? It turns out that all ideas that spread like wildfire share some common principles. Learn how to apply them.

Overcome Fear of Failure, Part II — 6 Powerful Strategies You Can Use

In the first part of this series, we focused on building an effective mindset for overcoming fear of failure. Now it’s time to get down to action: here are 6 powerful strategies you can use to conquer fear of failure right off the bat.

Overcome Fear of Failure, Part I — Building the Right Mindset

Does fearing failure paralyze you? Learn how to create a first line of defense — a “psychological armor” — against fear of failure and stop being held back by it.

How to Break Out of Recurring Patterns in Your Life in 5 Easy Steps

Do you find yourself caught in certain loops in life? Situations that keep happening which you can’t help but wonder “Not again!” or “Why me”? In this article, I’ll share a technique you can use to break out of these patterns.