Announcing the Lists Group Writing Project

Lists of 100

Inspired by the positive feedback I got for the article ‘Tackle Any Issue With a List of 100‘, I decided to kick off a Group Writing Project. Read on to check how you can participate, have some fun and be in the run to win a cash prize of US$100 along with some amazing creativity boosters.

To participate in the project, write a post on any topic, just make sure you write it in “list format”.

You could write “10 Ways to Be a Better Writer”, “5 Things I Hate about Litemind”, “100 Things I’m Grateful For” or anything else you see fit. Be creative and just try to pick topics that are not too niche-specific (e.g. it’s preferable to have a post “10 Ways to Sleep Better” than “20 Tips for Space Travel”). But remember that the goal is to have fun, so, again, I won’t be imposing limits (just make sure to keep it clean!).

Entries will be voted based on both originality and usefulness. To make it fair, the participants themselves will decide which entries are the best ones by voting for them. They also get to post their entries in their own blogs. That way, everybody gets to know new blogs and we can all expand our horizons. Back in September, I participated in two group writing projects and made many friends — and that made it a great experience regardless of winning or not the prizes.

(What? You don’t have a blog? Don’t let that stop you. Wouldn’t that be the perfect excuse to start one? Seriously, it’s easier than you think: just register at any free service such as Blogger, WordPress and you can have an online presence up in a matter of minutes. If you’re having trouble, let me know and I will do my best to help you.)


The most voted entry gets US$ 100 (via PayPal or as an Amazon Gift Certificate).

Also, to help get an extra boost in creativity, the three most voted entries also get to choose (in order of rank) among 3 great creativity products from Roger von Oech. Roger is a great guy who is really passionate about creativity. You probably know him from the great book A Whack on the Side of the Head: How You Can Be More Creative. Check out the products:

How to Participate

  1. Write a ‘List’ Post, as described above. Only one entry per participant! It should be recent and original (up to 60 days old is OK). You’re strongly encouraged (though not required) to link back to this blog to acknowledge your participation. Feel free to use the logo above or the one in the sidebar if you like.
  2. Contact me no later than Monday, November 26 (UTC), including your name and the URL of your list. Important: Entries really, really close midnight on Monday, November 26 Coordinated Universal Time, so be early.
  3. On November 27, I’ll post a list with all valid entries.
  4. You have until Monday, December 3 (UTC) to read the participants’ entries and post a list with your favorite entries in your own blog. You should pick at least 3 favorite entries, and as many as you like (all, if you are so inclined).
  5. On December 4 the winners will be announced. Every time an entry gets mentioned as a favorite it gets one point, regardless of position. The three entries with the most votes get the prize (if there’s a draw, the entry that was submitted first gets ranked higher).

Update: Submissions are now closed — check out the entries!

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