Lists Group Writing Project Winners

Litemind Lists Group Writing Project Winners

I just finished counting all votes for the Lists Group Writing Project, and now it’s time to announce the top picks among the 67 entries. And the winners are…

First Prize

7 Tricks You Need to Fight Procrastination by Samir Bharadwaj

Samir’s article does a terrific job in presenting strategies to fight the procrastination beast. With 14 votes, Samir takes home the US$100 and gets to choose first among three creativity boosters (Ball of Whacks, Creative Whack Pack or Innovative Whack Pack).  Congratulations!

Second Prize

7 Powerful Tips to Overcome Failure by Donald Latumahina

Donald’s article is a great one to keep handy during difficult times. Donald got 13 votes and gets to choose second for a creativity booster so he can have even more great ideas for new posts.

Third Prize

18 Tips to Become a Productive Blogger by Monika Mundell and
100 Resources To Improve Your Career, Relationships And Money by Lawrence Cheok

Monika has many great tips that are useful not only to bloggers, but to any knowledge worker. With 12 votes, she gets the third place and the third creativity booster.

Lawrence’s impressive list of useful resources also got 12 votes. According to the rules, Monika would win the prize alone (she submitted her entry first), but, hey, a little generosity doesn’t hurt: Lawrence also gets a deserved creativity booster.

Congratulations to the 4 winners! They deserve much more than the prizes and recognition, so please pay them a visit, check out their other great articles and drop a comment or two with feedback.

You may also be curious about how well all the other entries did, as well as finding out who voted on which entries. For the full scoop, download the final results spreadsheet [.xls, 121 kb]).

Thanks to Everybody

Thanks to everybody who participated for turning this project in a big success!  I was really astounded by the diversity of topics and I really appreciate the amount of effort poured into the articles — thank you!

I’ve met some great new people and added quite a few new blogs in my regular reading list. Kicking off this project was really rewarding for me in many ways, and I truly hope it was also a good experience to all readers and participants.

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