Lists Group Writing Project Entries

Lists of 100

This is the final list of participants in the Lists Group Writing Project. Thanks to all the 67 participants who submitted their lists!

I encourage all Litemind readers to take a look at the articles. If you have the chance, also browse around the participants’ websites you like best and check their other posts — I’m sure you will find interesting stuff in there!

For those participating in the project, the time has come for you to vote for your favorite entries so we can hand the prizes.

Make sure to cast your votes until Monday, 3 December (end of day, UTC). Don’t miss the deadline so that the votes cast by other participants for your article count. Vote by posting a list with your favorite entries in your own blog. You should pick at least 3 favorite entries, and as many as you like (please no voting for your own entry).

Feel free to also post the whole list or runner-ups if you want to share the link love.

Good luck to everyone!

Update: Voting season is over. Check out the winners!

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