Litemind has a simple mission:

Explore ways to use our minds efficiently.

Why ‘Mind’?

I firmly believe that our own minds are the greatest tool we have to achieve anything we want.

Every event, feeling, problem or opportunity only exists through the filter of our minds. In a nutshell, your mind is the world you live in. All results you get are the direct result on how well you use it. I would like you join me and explore ways to fully develop the potential of your mind.

Why ‘Efficiently’?

Did you know that the brains of more intelligent people are actually less active than usual?

That suggests that these people, when using their minds, have a higher ratio of output to input; in other words, their minds are more efficient. There is minimum waste in energy or unnecessary effort. That means less stress while getting much better results.

Why ‘Explore’?

I believe that an exploration mindset is the most important thing to have if you want to improve on anything.

I am no medical expert on the mind and don’t have all the answers. But I always maintain an attitude of eager exploration – and that is the driving force behind this website.

I invite you to share this mindset and join this exploration.

About the Author

Luciano PassuelloHi, I’m Luciano Passuello.

It was not long ago when I realized that my deep fascination for the mind is my greatest underlying passion which, in many ways, intersects with several other interests of mine.

This website is my journey exploring that underlying passion.

To get in touch with me, email lucianop at this domain.